Cross-chain Staking (Cross Staking)


Cross Staking


Cross-chain Staking (Cross Staking) is a Layer-2 protocol designed to be introduced into staking platforms for staking PoS and Pow coins with high rewards for users.


This protocol is potentially applicable to any proof-of-work network. The staking provider creates a sidechain based on an improved proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus, binds it via a two-way link to a parent proof-of-work (PoW) consensus blockchain. Due to the help of this connection, the staking is carried out.

It’s quite simple to start earning with Cross Staking. You just need to be a user of one of the official cross-staking providers. After registration, you choose the networks you are interested in (Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin and others) for staking and delegate these assets in your personal account.

The problem

Blockchains based on Proof-of-Work have a small bandwidth. So in the bitcoin network it processes about 7 transactions per second and in the ethereum network about 12 transactions. This leads to the fact that the processing of transactions and reaching consensus in PoW networks requires a large amount of computing power andenergy. The consumption of the latter is constantly increasing which cannot but affect the environment.

Cross Staking

The technology uses a modified sidechain based on Proof-of-Stake consensus. This sidechain processes 2-3 times more transactions from the main network, as it allows you not to block data and not to waste time on unlocking which makes Cross Staking an excellent solution to the scalability problem. Plus, it reduces energy consumption by dozens of times and offers high rewards for users.


Cross staking

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Staking PoW

Cross Staking solves the problem of the need for expensive equipment and significantly increases the profitability of mining PoW coins.

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New speed

The block proof speed in the modified PoS sidechain is 2-3 times higher than the main network, which allows users to earn much more than in regular staking.

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Cross Staking combines the protection of the main and the secondary chains aggregating the security of both.

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Energy efficiency

PoW blockchain consumes 99% less electricity when mining coins with the help of staking.


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For users

  • high passive income from holding PoW coins
  • no investment in expensive equipment
  • safe and secure storage of funds
  • fast transactions
  • guaranteed return of assets
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For developers

  • a new large layer of assets
  • increased income for services
  • high computing speed
  • fast transactions
  • increased security


Prime Stake

Total assets: $71.1M
Rewards paid: $28.4M
Clients worldwide: 8.2K

«Our mission is to make a meaningful contribution to the implementation, growth and long–term success of the Web 3.0 ecosystem».

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Oreol staking

Total assets: $116.6M
Rewards paid: $50M
Clients worldwide: 14K

«We strive to provide our users with highly profitable staking with an attractive choice of networks, keeping in mind environmental standards and maintaining high safety standards».

Available networks and reward calculator


Integration with three more staking providers in 2022