Cross Staking Road Map


The Cross staking technology is improving every day with more features being added along the development process. Here you find already integrated and future features and upgrades to the protocol. You can follow more detailed updates on the development progress in our telegram channel.

The roadmap presents major details and components. Please note that this roadmap doesn’t imply any guarantees or promises on future development items but should rather be seen as one of the possible ways that could be taken by the Cross Staking technology.

  • Development of the concept of Cross Staking technology
  • Development of initial prototypes
  • First version of decentralized mixnet launched and developer documentation published
  • Introduced decentralized masternode built with Tendermint
  • Raised CHF 6 million in Series A
  • Development of Proof-of-Mixing (mixed mining) and stake delegation mechanism
  • Testing sidechain prototypes
  • Presentation of Cross Staking at the BlockShowAsia international blockchain event
  • Negotiations and contract with PRIMESTAKE on the integration of Cross Staking
  • Development of confidential identities and decentralized public key infrastructure (dPKI) together with a staking provider
  • Development of crypto economics in demo mode for staking providers
  • Agreement on joint testing and development of Cross Staking with the provider OREOL STAKING
  • Network testing and distribution
  • Integration and preparation of Cross Staking to work with new providers
  • Network enhancement with Sphinx and SURB format
  • Adaptation and debugging of technology together with staking providers
  • Works on modernization and modification of the PoS sidechain consensus algorithm
  • Stress test of the Cross Staking information security system based on staking providers
  • Integrated support for confidential messaging applications and cryptocurrency transactions based on staking providers
  • Conducted a study on a derivative platform for open staking
  • Launch of institutional staking services
  • Integration of high-speed mixing to ensure the daily private use of the Internet
  • Collaboration with providers to embed the network stake
  • Decentralized VPN support integration
  • Integration with identity data and mixnet partners to diversify and increase user base
  • Integration with 3 new providers


  • Innovations and improvements in staking economics
  • Improved version of PoS algorithm V2.0
  • Third-party validator pools
  • Cross Staking communication network launch
  • Sidechain Referral System
  • Development of alternative validator selection mechanism for sidechains
  • Enhance signature scheme