Cross-chain Staking FAQ

Cross Staking FAQ

  • Cross Staking is a layer 2 protocol designed to be introduced into staking platforms for staking cryptocurrencies based on proof-of-work consensus (e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, etc.). The process is carried out by deploying a second level L2 solution (an additional block chain) on top of the main blockchain.

  • Faq you can follow the link «How does it work?» on the main page where you will find a detailed description of the principles of the technology. Also, on the link «Technology» you can find the technical documentation you are interested in.

  • The site must have the necessary capacity and sufficient audience to ensure the safety of the chain. At the moment we are considering providers starting from 5000 users and having with a large amount of assets.

  • There is a fee for usage and maintenance the technology. It is calculated individually depending on the possibilities of the staking platform.

  • Send a request to email Our experts will look into it and contact you as soon as possible.

  • The integration process takes about a month as it is necessary to solve technical aspects: deploy a sidechain, prepare assets, organize validators, etc.

  • The process is carried out by deploying a second level L2 solution (an additional block chain) on top of the main blockchain. The sidechain based on the improved proof-of-stake consensus has a two-way connection to the parent proof-of-work consensus blockchain. This suggests that the sidechain is decentralized.

  • The topic of the impact of the crypto industry on the environment is more relevant than ever. Therefore, technologies such as Cross Staking are actively developed and improved. At the moment work is underway to integrate Cross Staking with three new providers. More details are on the «Road map» page.

  • Cross Staking is a technology designed to be used by large staking platforms whose users can take advantage of this technology and stake Proof-of-Work cryptocurrency.

  • In the current implementation of the sidechain the block confirmation speed is 2.5 — 3.5 times higher than in the main network due to which the passive income of tokenholders is much higher.

  • You need to use the services of one of the Cross Staking Providers, you can find them on the main page of the site. Currently 2 providers are connected: PRIME STAKE and OREOL STAKING.

  • Cross Staking cooperates only with large and reliable staking providers that are being audited before public launch. These are professional companies that offer staking services and the best infrastructure for running validator nodes, guaranteeing the high uptime of nodes. These companies take over the entire chain of creation of the staking process’s cost.

  • Currently there are annual plans. In any case you can use your assets and rewards at any time. For more details, please contact Cross Staking Providers.

  • Large staking platforms provide high network protection as they have a large amount of resources. And also the technology itself implies dual chain protection. The main proof-of-work chain takes advantage of the security provided by the hash power of the secondary proof-of-stake chain. Trying to hack such a system is too expensive and impractical.

  • The technology uses a modified sidechain based on PoS consensus. This sidechain processes 2-3 times more transactions from the main network as it allows you not to block data and not waste time on unlocking.

  • Cross Staking confidently copes with the environmental challenges of our time. The sidechain deployed by the technology is based on the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, that is why when staking a proof-of-work cryptocurrency energy consumption is reduced by 10 times. Therefore, using Cross Staking you are not only engaged in highly profitable staking but also participate in a common environmental mission.